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Tracy’s testimony has aired nationwide through radio and television.  Her days of co-hosting “Marriage & Family Today” on Moody Radio with Dr. Ron Braund has given her comfort and ease on the media platform.  – (picture shown is from a Local Radio station in Illinois while Speaking at A Heart Seekers Conference ) www.heartseekersgalesburg







Tracy was featured in “First For Women Magazine’s” Christmas Edition


A magazine that hits every grocery store isle in America:





Tracy is a Frequent Guest on Be Still Be Free Podcast: 





Returning Guest on Faith Talk Live:




Featured guest on Babbie's House, hosted by Dove Award Singer & Song-writer, Babbie Mason which airs nationwide on Sky Angel and on WATC/TBN. 


Featured guest on “Babbie’s House,” hosted by Dove Award Singer & Song-writer, Babbie Mason, for more informationlog onto:


Guest Speaker at Mom’s With Swords Ministry:  Moms With Swords 


Monthly Guest on “The Dottie Coffman Show” 

Guest on Family Net Channel (In Touch Ministries) with Marcus and Lisa

Featured Guest on “Talk of the Town” with

Tuesdays With Tracy: Real-Life Devotions That Speak To A Heart of A Woman can be found in local bookstores


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