From Fear To Faith

#213: FROM FEAR TO FAITH (Part 1)

Consider this your first day of school — breakthrough school, that is! It’s finally time to kickoff a brand-new series and season to help women walk from bondage to breakthrough. We’re bringing light to the secret struggles women face, both in and out of the church.

The BE PODCAST is bringing words of Truth in due season for all of us battling fear, anxiety, grief, depression, self-loathing, comparison and more. This week, listen to part 1 of going From Fear to Faith; you’re going to want to listen once, then again when you can sit down and take notes! Listen wherever you get podcasts or visit And be sure to follow @bestillbefree!



Walking From Bondage to Breakthrough: Be Podcast

I wanted to let you know about a Podcast Series I am apart of on Be Still Be Free. Now more than ever, it has become evident that “for such a time as this” could not be more appropriate. The name of our fall series is Walking from Bondage to Breakthrough: Honest Conversations About Women’s Secret Struggles.  And I really (…really…) want to encourage you to subscribe NOW so that you won’t miss an episode! So, go ahead and subscribe using this link: Be Still Be Free…. I’ll wait right here for you!


We have found that women are desperate to hear what the Word has to say about depression, fear, anxiety, grief, pain, self-loathing and comparison. We’ll be bringing not only Truth and relatability to these issues, but will also include the voices of women who have experienced these strongholds along with my counseling insights on each topic.
Monica and Sara started Be Still Be Free about 7 years ago, when God laid on their hearts to connect with women in an effort to live in the freedom of all that God has to offer. They had a burden for the number of women in their own worlds struggling with embracing all that God has created us to be, instead of focusing on all we are not. They are a very Bible-based podcast that seeks the truth of God’s Word to set us free. They are an organic ministry — no profit, no advertising — they’ve grown organically by women who love their mission and share among their circles
Please take a moment to visit their website and discover who they are and their mission. Be Still Be Free has been an active podcast for almost 7 years, with over 200 episodes and more than 225,000 downloads to date. They’ve interviewed women such as Lysa TerKeurstAlli WorthingtonAnnie F. DownsSophie HudsonShauna Niequist and for some reason I have been a guest favorite…all glory to God! 
The attached graphic below outlines the series which runs from August-November. Every episode is free, and in addition to new podcast episodes every Monday, this series will also include weekly Friday videos and monthly live Q&A’s. This is an excellent opportunity for listeners to interact with us and ask personal questions of myself and Monica and Sara! We can also provide small-group discussion questions for each episode, should small groups want to gather.

So, join us today as we dive into Walking From Bondage To Breakthrough: From Fear to Faith Part 1:! 

Let me know your thoughts on this series and I hope and pray you are well and healthy.
Love and Blessings,