Chronic Illness & Keeping the Faith

No one would ever choose Chronic Illness and yet when Chronic Illness chooses us we have some big decisions to make.  Join Monica, Sara and I as we look at Chronic Illness, how it can impacts us, our family and more importantly how to move from bondage to breakthrough even in the face of a Chronic Illness.

#225: CHRONIC ILLNESS (Part 1)

“Wherever life takes me, I will preach Christ.”  – Tracy Hurst

Love, Tracy 


Depression to Hope

Major Depressive Disorder is the “common cold” of mental illness in America, impacting over 17 million people. It affects how we feel, think and behave, and is usually accompanied with unexpressed sadness, hurt, anger, disappointment, fear or guilt.

And guess what? Women are nearly twice as likely as men to have depression. This is why we’re doing this series! Women are drowning in depression and we want to bring HOPE! This week, Tracy gives us an incredible teaching on how we can not only get help, but also how we can DARE TO HOPE.