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I wanted to let you know about a Podcast Series I am apart of on Be Still Be Free. Now more than ever, it has become evident that “for such a time as this” could not be more appropriate. The name of our fall series is Walking from Bondage to Breakthrough: Honest Conversations About Women’s Secret Struggles.  And I really (…really…) want to encourage you to subscribe NOW so that you won’t miss an episode! So, go ahead and subscribe using this link: Be Still Be Free…. I’ll wait right here for you!


We have found that women are desperate to hear what the Word has to say about depression, fear, anxiety, grief, pain, self-loathing and comparison. We’ll be bringing not only Truth and relatability to these issues, but will also include the voices of women who have experienced these strongholds along with my counseling insights on each topic.
Monica and Sara started Be Still Be Free about 7 years ago, when God laid on their hearts to connect with women in an effort to live in the freedom of all that God has to offer. They had a burden for the number of women in their own worlds struggling with embracing all that God has created us to be, instead of focusing on all we are not. They are a very Bible-based podcast that seeks the truth of God’s Word to set us free. They are an organic ministry — no profit, no advertising — they’ve grown organically by women who love their mission and share among their circles
Please take a moment to visit their website and discover who they are and their mission. Be Still Be Free has been an active podcast for almost 7 years, with over 200 episodes and more than 225,000 downloads to date. They’ve interviewed women such as Lysa TerKeurstAlli WorthingtonAnnie F. DownsSophie HudsonShauna Niequist and for some reason I have been a guest favorite…all glory to God! 
The attached graphic below outlines the series which runs from August-November. Every episode is free, and in addition to new podcast episodes every Monday, this series will also include weekly Friday videos and monthly live Q&A’s. This is an excellent opportunity for listeners to interact with us and ask personal questions of myself and Monica and Sara! We can also provide small-group discussion questions for each episode, should small groups want to gather.

So, join us today as we dive into Walking From Bondage To Breakthrough: From Fear to Faith Part 1: http://bestillbefree.com/213! 

Let me know your thoughts on this series and I hope and pray you are well and healthy.
Love and Blessings,

Interview with Kevin and Taylor on 104.7 The Fish 

Tracy Hurst: Finding Hope While Dealing With Pandemic Depression

So…I cannot say enough good things about Kevin & Taylor and their producer, Griffin on 104.7!  It was truly an honor to be interviewed by them and my thanks goes out to Taylor’s sister (I don’t know her name) but she heard me speak at a Women’s Conference a while back, and a recent Podcast with Monica & Sara on Bestillbefree.com.  The interview is short and sweet, but I pray it brings encouragement to even a few during the strange time of the coronavirus shutdown. Blessings!

Emotional Wellness Podcast @bestillbefree.com

So…let me start by sharing with you one of my FAVORITE Women’s Podcast – Be Still Be Free: www.bestillbefree.com If you are just hearing about this podcast – run over quickly and subscribe now, you’ll thank me later!

Monica and Sara are the real deal and each week they share truth, encouragement and God’s Word. I recently had the honor of being with them. I’d love for you to click on the link below and join in on our conversation on Emotional Wellness Part One & Two:

Push on the audio link below and be blessed!

Part one:


Part Two:



A Fresh Start

Melony Brown from www.melonybrown.com recently interviewed me for her blog.  She has a heart to share stories of women who have OVERCOME life’s tough challenges, and my life…well… has had it’s share of challenges, yet these challenges and God’s amazing grace has shaped me into the woman I am today. And I can honestly tell you that I love telling my story because it GLORIFIES Jesus and His ability to RESCUE.  This article is just a glimpse of our Amazing God and I hope it encourages you today. Please check out Melony’s website and read the other inspirational stories while you are there, and If my story touches you in anyway, please leave a comment on her website, thanks!

To read this article, click here: 

Fresh Start


Hitting the RADIO WAVES in 2018

“Jesus has the last word on everything and everyone, from angels to armies. He’s standing right alongside God and what he says goes.” 1 Peter 3:22

I absolutely love 1 Peter 3:22, I mean, HOW COOL is it that Jesus has the last word on EVERYTHING (yes, that includes your job, your desire to be married, your family, your dreams and aspirations – EVERYTHING) and EVERYONE (that includes you, me and yes, it even includes the enemy)!!

Jesus has and will forever have the last word in our lives. This truth continues to be the lifter of my head when unfortunate news comes my way. So when “news” comes (and it will), hear it, see it, process it, but be quick to declare this truth and when you do, strength will RUSH into your mind, body and spirit.

You see, because Jesus has the last word, we know how things will end. Jesus is the kindest, most faithful, loving, and patient person you will ever know, and His last word will alway line up with WHO He is. Jesus cannot do anything but lead us to victory, for He is Victory Himself. So hang in there precious one, and no matter what “news” comes your way today, remember Jesus has the last word over your life. Selah (pause and think about that for a moment).

Recently, I had the honor of joining Rick & Dan again on Faith Talk Live and here is a small snippet of my time with them. Please push play and I pray that it encourages you:

1-23-18 Tracy Hurst

FaithTalk Live with Rick & Dan with special guest Tracy Hurst

Posted by FaithTalk Live on Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Walking WITH God in 2018,

Faith Talk Live Interview

“God is light, pure light; there is not a trace of darkness in him.” 1 John 1:5

I am becoming more and more confident that our circumstances do not change God’s goodness, but it is God’s goodness that changes our circumstance. I have seen it over and over again in my life and the lives of my clients. For when difficulties come (and they will) the only thing God can do is bring the goodness of His light into our situation.

I had the best time with Dan Ratcliffe and Rick Probst on Faith Talk Live this week and within these 45 minutes (my interview starts 10 minutes in) you will hear about the goodness of God. It is my prayer that you will be encouraged by listening and that you and I learn to rest in the Nature of God. Oh He is good, loving, kind, gracious, faithful, He is light and can be trusted at all times, even when it appears differently. For we walk by faith and not by sight.

Simply push play and if you would be so kind as to “like” and even comment below the video – thank you! Hugs! Tracy

10/24/17 Tracy Hurst

FaithTalk Live with Rick and Dan with special guest Tracy Hurst

Posted by FaithTalk Live on Tuesday, October 24, 2017