Dear Jesus,

I find myself overwhelmed this morning with gratitude for the Cross and all that it represents for me. I have always been thankful for the Cross, yet it seems that the older I become the more I am aware of exactly what You did for me that day on Golgotha. And while I cannot fully understand nor comprehend why You would willingly lay down Your life for me, I cannot help but wonder, ….what if You hadn’t? What if You had ordered ten thousand angels to come to Your aid? What if you decided that following God’s plan for Your life was more than You could bear? What if…. Jesus, what if?

But because You willingly GAVE Your life for me, I cannot help but willingly GIVE You my life in return. If it were not for You, I would not be alive today and I can honestly say without hesitation that I can never repay You for what you did for me on the Cross. I love you Jesus and I give You my life – Everything I am and everything I am not is Yours Jesus. Take my life and may You be glorified through me.

Thank you for shedding Your Precious Blood for me. Thank you for conquering the devil, death and every disease for me that day. Thank you for eternal life that is now available to all believers and me. Thank you for the resurrection power that abides in all believers to overcome every obstacle that comes our way because of Your Precious Blood.

May we all be full of thanksgiving for the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus this Easter season. While the world is consumed with it’s commercialism of Easter, help us Lord to not become entrapped in the world’s way of thinking. Let us always remember that Easter is about You. It is Your day and I choose to acknowledge Your willingness to give Your life on the Cross that I may live forever with You in Heaven- Now that is something to celebrate! 🙂

Many Easter blessings to you and your family!