“Unto You, O Lord do I bring my life. O my God, I trust, lean on, rely on and am confident in you. Let me not be put to shame or {my hope in You} be disappointed; let not my enemies triumph over me.” – Psalm 25:1-2, Amplified Bible

Just this morning the Holy Spirit informed me that I have not been fully trusting in God. My first reaction was “who me?” After all, I am the one who often speaks on the topic of faith. Ask anyone – I always believe God for the impossible. But of course the Holy Spirit is always right and I can be so wrong! He showed me how recently I was full of worry and concern about my daughter. Alyssa had caught a stomach virus and as I rummaged through some medical books – panic set in. She was showing signs of dehydration. As a new mom I felt utterly helpless! Alyssa cried her first tears of pain and I must admit that I also broke down and cried. My mind was filled with the “what if’s” and formulating a plan to bring quick relief.

Instead of having faith that God loves Alyssa and trusting that He will take care of her, I was full of fear. When fear enters our hearts and minds, faith goes out the window! But the opposite is also true: When faith enters our hearts and minds, fear must leave! Faith and Fear cannot co-exist. We have to make a choice everyday to either live in fear or faith.

It is only through us having confidence in God’s love, that we can remain in perfect peace. No matter what you may be facing today – DO NOT allow fear and the cares of this world to rob your confidence in God! Psalm 138:8 states, “The Lord will perfect that which concerns me.” We must CHOOSE to believe Jesus at His Word. Needless to say, Alyssa is on her way back to health, and me, well I’m on my way back to faith.

“Lord, forgive me for allowing fear and the cares of this world to rob my faith and confidence in You. I choose to believe Your Word and that You will take care of the things heavy on my heart this day. I submit my thoughts and emotions to you. I thank you that Your Word is greater than my thoughts and emotions and that You know ALL THINGS! Thank you for loving me and taking care of my concerns this day.” Amen.

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