Please take a moment and watch this amazing video.  The question is: Will you have Christmas as usual this year or will you decide to “get less” in order to “give more?”

Spend Less

Give More

Worship Fully

Love All

My church has embraced the Advent Conspiracy and I am also determined to not have Christmas as usual, but to give more.  Instead of joining the hustle and bustle, needless spending and making this season about me, myself and I… I want to enjoy this season by laughing more with my family, being thankful for all my blessings and GIVING MORE to those in need – more time, money, prayers and attention!

Let’s make a difference in the world and give more this Christmas.  Listed below are a few places where you can give.  Please feel free to use these links or to give wherever God leads you, but let’s not experience Christmas a usual, let’s give of ourselves, spend less, give more, love all and worship fully this season.

1 .  Living Water International

2. 7 Bridges to Recovery Shelter:

2. Life Outreach International with James & Betty Robinson: