When The SPIRIT Speaks…

As many of you know, we recently moved onto 2 acres of land. Words cannot describe the breathtaking views from our property and to find land in the Atlanta area is truly a miracle! But, what you don’t know is the amazing story of how God brought us to our promise land. Mike and I have searched and prayed for YEARS that God would bless us with a piece of land. But, it was one Tuesday morning while driving down a new road that I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Turn right.” I have learned over the years to always do what the Spirit says – even if it sounds bizarre – I would rather be a fool for Jesus than to miss out on His perfect will for my life. As I rounded the corner, I saw our property. The lush trees swayed in the wind. I heard the sound of a creek nearby trickling in the distance and there sat our home on a hill. It was love at first sight. Immediately, (which is unlike me) I called the number on the “For Sale” sign and got all the details. Then I called my husband and declared over the phone, “Honey, I have found our property.”

Within minutes of hanging up with my husband, I called our awesome realtor (Leigh Mitchell – you are the best:) and we walked the land that very afternoon. The home had a lot of work that needed to be done: the smell of mold and mildew was present throughout the home, dirt and filth was everywhere, the home was begging for new paint, carpet and lots of TLC, BUT God spoke to us that “This was to be our land.” No matter the state of the home or the obstacles we had to face to get the land (like the selling of our town home) WHEN THE SPIRIT SPEAKS – WE KNEW TO OBEY.

We had a signed contract within 24 hours, but the miracles of God were just beginning to unfold. I will share more with you next week on the miracle power of God and all that He did to get us into our new home (a.k.a. our Promise Land). God gets ALL the glory!

So, Let me ask you: Have you ever heard a still small voice telling you what you should do? Maybe you have heard this voice in the grocery store, while reading your Bible or like me while driving you car. No matter where you hear His voice or what He tells you to do – I encourage you to step out in faith and do what the Holy Spirit is leading you. I used to be afraid and confused that the voice I was hearing was “just me and my thoughts.” But I have come to this conclusion – “Even if I am ‘off’ in hearing God’s voice, He knows my heart and I long to be obedient to Him. Therefore, I choose to do obey His voice and even do it afraid because God knows my heart.” So go ahead and ask God to speak to you. And when the Spirit does speak- follow His instructions and know that your greatest days are yet ahead!

“Lord, when You speak I want to be obedient. Please help me to hear your voice and step out in faith no matter how silly it may seem. I choose to let go of my pride and follow You no matter the cost. I am so grateful that You know my heart and when I step out in faith, I will not be ashamed. I would rather be a fool for You than miss out on Your perfect will. Thank you for your grace (unmerited favor). Thank you for leading me to my next Promise Land. I earnestly seek Your will for my life and I thank You in advance for leading and guiding me according to Your will. When You speak Lord, I will obey.” Amen