He (God) will validate your life in the clear light of day and stamp you with approval at high noon.” Psalm 37:6, Message Translation

Rejection is an issue that touches all of humanity. No matter our age, culture, race, or social economic status, we have all encountered rejection at one time or another. I have come to define rejection as not receiving love or acceptance from someone we deem as “important.” The problem is that when we have experienced tramatic circumstances of any kind, we often deem everyone as “important” from whom to receive love and approval. I am all too familiar with rejection and how it affects our identity, self-esteem and relationships. While many things have helped me overcome rejection in my life, the remedy that continually soothes my soul is the Word of God. One Word from God can transform my entire day. Jesus can take me to a higher place than my thoughts and emotions and comfort me like no one else can. Recently I was battling feelings of rejection and I turned to my trusted medicine of God’s Word. I found Psalm 37:6 which states that God will validate my life in the light of day and stamp me with approval at high noon. As I read this verse, tears filled my eyes, my feelings of rejection were quickly pushed away and faith in God’s Word arose within my heart. This verse was just what the doctor ordered to calm my roaring emotions and bring tranquility to my wounded soul.

What’s even better is that God not only shows His approval of us, but He shows it at the brightest part of the day for everyone to see! He doesn’t stamp His approval on us in the dark of the night, but at the noon hour – which is the brightest point of the day! We can walk in confidence knowing that we are loved and approved by God in the clear light of day for even our enemies to see! We are the favored one of the Most High God and His approval is better than any humans being!

“Lord, I forgive those who have wounded me. I bless those who have cursed me. I extend mercy to them, because I need mercy extended to me in my own life. I thank You for Your love and approval this day. I hold my head high knowing that the King of Kings is my Father and that You validate me today! I thank You that rejection will not be apart of my life anymore because I deem You the most important person to receive approval from in my life.” Amen.