“But me, I’m not giving up. I’m sticking around to see what God will do. I’m waiting for God to make things right. I’m counting on God to listen to me.” -Micah 7:7, The Message

Does it ever seem like the unrighteous are continually prevailing over God’s people? Do you often feel like giving up? Well, hold on tight because although there are many upsetting things in this world, we have a God who loves to perform miracles on our behalf! Let’s stick around to see what God will do – shall we? I have personally experienced God’s restoration power and I have seen the wicked tremble and repent before God. And I am waiting expectantly for God to make things right on behalf of His people today. Remember that it is God who always gets the last word! Selah (pause and think about that for a moment).

“Do not fret because of evildoers, nor be envious of the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb. Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land and feed on His faithfulness.” -Psalm 37:1-3

Just the other day I was thinking about all the “wrongs” done by the unrighteous in my life, and I heard the Holy Spirit ask me, “What if your step-father had not abused you, what if your parents had stayed together and not divorced before you were one years old?” As these questions ran through my head, I realized that if these “wrongs” had not occurred, I would not have experienced the first hand power of God in my life, nor would I have my testimony of grace to share with you and others! Let me be clear with you today: whenever you see killing, stealing and destroying, the author of this is the devil, but whenever you see abundant life and restoration, the author of this is Jesus Christ (John 10:10). What the enemy meant to destroy you, God will turn it around for your good. The truth is, we would not be the person we are today without the difficulty of our past. It is through our pain by the unrighteous that Jesus can became OUR EVERYTHING!

I love our scripture today. No matter what you are going through at this time, you have an important choice to make that can alter your destiny: Will you choose to give up or will you choose to trust in the faithfulness of God? If you choose to wait and see what God will do on your behalf, then God’s best is just ahead of you!

“Lord, I will not give up. I choose to stick around and see what you will do on my behalf. Thank you for listening to my heart’s cry and making things right for your people. I will not fret over evildoers, but I will trust in You and feed on Your faithfulness. You are an awesome God and I set my eyes upon you today. Amen.”